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LEARNLIGHTLEARNLIGHT: Visible Light Analysis, on the Android Market

This app is for use in conjunction with a white LED and a diffraction grating, which results in a band of colored light across the visible spectrum. LearnLight performs an analysis of the red, blue, and green intensity of any 2 images, then graphs the results.Example images are included in case you are not ready to build your own spectrometer! Updated 2/7/11


1. Import photos taken on the Android camera, or downloaded from email from any digital camera.
2. Crop, name, save images
3. Select any 2 images to compare
4. Set spectrum width and blue/red endpoints
5. Plot intensity of both sample and reference
6. Plot only reference intensity
7. Plot only sample intensity
8. Plot transmittance
9. Plot absorbance
10. Capture and save Screenshots of any plot
11. email spectrum images or screenshots
12. email csv files for Excel (or other capable program)

Looking for the LearnLight HELP page? Click HERE

To discuss, go to LearnLight Spectrometry on Facebook

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